Sound of the Sinners  
Joe Geraghty Book 4 
When his former business partner and mentor, Don Ridley, is found dead shortly after asking for his help, Private Investigator Joe Geraghty knows he has to return to Hull and a city he thought was in his past. Weighed down with guilt, Don’s death points to his days with the police and an off the books investigation into the unsolved ‘Car Boot Murder’ decades previously. With dangerous secrets and a conspiracy of silence, the city might have had a makeover during Joe’s absence, but some things don’t change in the northern sea port. With his own life on the line, Joe is unable to stop, a debt to be repaid, but powerful people with vested interests will always seek to ensure some stories stay covered in darkness. 
"An unflinching portrait of Hull in the 21st century. Fiercely realist and utterly compelling, Noir at its gritty best."  
Eva Dolan 
Nick Quantrill introduces 'Sound of the Sinners' 
In conversation with Nick Triplow, friend, colleague, and fellow co-director of the Hull Noir crime fiction festival, Nick Quantrill introduces his new novel, 'Sound of the Sinners'. It’s the fourth in acclaimed Joe Geraghty series of novels, based in Hull and Yorkshire. It’s the first new Geraghty novel in nearly seven years. 
Joe Geraghty and Hull - A Playlist 
The Joe Geraghty novels are firmly rooted in the city, and like my Private Investigator, its music scene has always followed its own path. It's a city built on water, so it’s only right the playlist is bookended by songs which refer to this. 
The Crooked Beat 
Joe Geraghty Book 3 
When Joe Geraghty’s brother finds himself in financial trouble, it’s only natural that he turns to the Private Investigator for help. But when it relates to a missing consignment of smuggled cigarettes, it’s not so easily sorted. Drawn into the murky world of local and international criminals around the busy port of Hull, Joe knows the only way to save his brother is to take on the debt himself. As he attempts to find a way out of the situation, the secrets and conspiracies he uncovers are so deeply buried in the past, he knows he’s facing people willing to do whatever it takes to keep them that way. 
The Late Greats 
Joe Geraghty Book 2 
Having been convinced by their manager, Kane Major, to put their acrimonious break-up behind them and launch a comeback, Hull’s most successful band of the 1990s is reforming. Allowing one privileged journalist to document the process, Joe Geraghty is employed to act as a liaison between the different camps. What appears to be a straightforward assignment sees him neck deep in trouble when singer, Greg Tasker, disappears leaving behind a trail of people who wanted him out of their lives. 
Broken Dreams 
Joe Geraghty Book 1 
Joe Geraghty, Private Investigator, is used to struggling from one case to the next, barely making the rent on his small office in the Old Town of Hull. Invited by a local businessman to investigate a member of his staff’s absenteeism, it’s the kind of surveillance work that Joe and his small team have performed countless times. When Jennifer Murdoch is found bleeding to death in her bed, Joe quickly finds himself trapped in the middle of a police investigation which stretches back to the days when the city had a thriving fishing industry. 
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